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The Origin of Virlybird

People often ask how we came up with the name Virlybird.

While I was managing a mobile event app business during the COVID-19 pandemic, my meeting planner clients would ask what kind of services existed to help them create a better virtual event experience. It was clear that virtual would be integral going forward, and just being a mobile app provider wasn't going to cut it. They needed more solutions and a hands-on approach.


In early 2021, I started writing a list of creative names that contained the word "virtual," or part of the word, but none of them stuck. One day, my wife asked me to refill our bird feeder. A rare pleasure of being home during the pandemic was to reconnect with nature, and specifically reveling in the wonder of birds. Birds are fascinating. I kept repeating "bird" to myself and realized it had a rhyming sound with "virtual."


I shouted (to no one), "Virlybird!" which sounded like"whirlybird," a whimsical-sounding word, referring to a kind of a spinning contraption and a nickname for a helicopter. A helicopter lifts up and takes you places. I knew right then that Virlybird would be the name.

- Phil Rappoport, Founder, Virlybird


Our mission is to help planners and organizations succeed with executing in-person meetings, digital or hybrid events.

We're not a "vendor" in the traditional sense. Rather, we're your partner. We take it as a personal goal to help you achieve success and earn the appreciation of your attendees, sponsors, and constituents.

In-Person, Virtual or Hybrid?

The answer is "yes." As meeting formats have swung back and forth since the pandemic, innovation is key to staying interesting and relevant.

The return of live, in-person meetings has made some organizations realize that the virtual component is still necessary for participants who can't be there in person but want to connect. Virtual and hybrid events can be profitable, too.

For hybrid meetings, let Virlybird help take on some of the responsibilities of the virtual aspect as you focus on the live portion. Or, we'll help with both.

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Phil Rappoport

Principal and founder of Virlybird, Phil is a thought leader, collaborator, and trusted partner to hundreds of meeting and event professionals around the world.

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Welcome Aboard

Why be overwhelmed or frustrated with the long list of to-dos to pull off your virtual event?

Take the first step and contact Virlybird, and see if our services will fit your needs.

Working together, your meeting will soar.

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6800 Fleetwood Road, Suite 709, McLean, VA 22101

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